Patek Philippe Replica Watches. A masterpiece of decorative stone-dialed watches

Patek Philippe Replica Watches

The original white gold case housing the 9P movement

At the time, women's watch movements were very small, and the inherently minuscule dials were rarely used as a decorative part of the watch. But with the 9P, Patek Philippe Replica Watches had the necessary secret weapon to create not only ultra-thin formal watches for men, but also to develop a new aesthetic for women. This movement is not only slim, offering greater freedom of design, but also has a larger diameter, allowing the use of larger dials and providing new space for decoration. The dial was cut by a specialized atelier and is less than 1 mm thick. gérald and Valentin thought about aesthetics in a new way, starting with the dial and moving on to the bezel and strap.

Even today, only a few watchmakers are willing to dedicate themselves to the painstaking process of creating a stone dial because of the skill, work and cost involved in production. Back in the 1960s, when the process was still in its experimental phase, many dials were broken during the machining process or while placing the hands. But this did not deter Gérald and Valentin,Patek Philippe fake watches and Patek Philippe Replica Watches was a pioneer in this field, seeing its hard stone dials as a way to stand out from the crowd. A relatively late entrant to the watch market, when the brand decided to launch fully assembled timepieces, it needed these timepieces to stand out, and thanks to its watches of the post-war decades, it managed to establish itself quickly.

A selection of Patek Philippe Replica Watches's early colored hardstone dial watches

As the company grew, Gérald and Valentin,Hublot replica watches as well as Gérald's son Yves, decided to capitalize on its success by complementing its watch offerings with jewelry. 1959 saw the opening of Patek Philippe Replica Watches's first salon in Geneva, which was used to receive clients and discuss ideas for custom-made pieces. 1963 saw the brothers launch their first watch with a hardstone dial, in an exclusive and luxurious setting befitting the uniqueness of the watch itself.

An early example of Patek Philippe Replica Watches's extraordinary handling of gold and color

Bringing them home

Unfortunately, creativity is more important to the brand than documentation, so it is impossible to have an exhaustive view of the richness of the work. But Yves Patek Philippe Replica Watches,Patek Philippe Replica Watches former CEO Philippe Léopold-Metzger and current CEO Chabi Nouri have worked together to track down iconic pieces and bring them back to the Patek Philippe Replica Watches Museum to create a permanent record of the brand's early work and provide inspiration for the future.

To this end, as Director of Brand Assets and Heritage, Béamtrice Vuille-Willemetz is responsible for

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